Private & Confidential *LIVE* 1 on 1 Coaching Program

Sexual Abuse

Emotional Abuse

Physical Abuse

LGBTQ2S+, Trauma & Coming Out Issues

Therapy Used;

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

DBT – Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (self harm)

Talk Therapy

Dissociation Therapy

and much more…



Sophia`s ENERGY Healing Counselling aids you to transmute past negative energy that you still carry within you. Most people think past events somehow vanishes into thin air. Or if they have forgotten about it that somehow that any past negative experience gets destroyed. But Energy can not be destroyed. And everything is energy. You may have heard of that saying “Time Heals Old Wounds.” But time is a illusion. There is no such thing as time. Only the now exists.

There are only two polarities on this planet, negative and positive. So unfortunately old negative experiences remain unless transmuted to a positive. If not transmuted it is literally as if those past negative experiences are happening now, as we live in the now.

Sophia counselling incorporates the Natural Law – Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. ALL laws are binding, regardless if you know them or use them. This is why Sophia can offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee because this process 100% works just like the Law of Gravity 100% always works.

The reason why counselling is needed because most people try to solve problems themselves. But most problems are generally seen as a negative. And no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. So a problem is seen as a negative, and from that negative standpoint, you can not find solutions to solve any problems as obviously it is from a negative standpoint. So you must raise your vibration to a positive to then solve the problem. But that can be a hard endeavour as you are in the vibration of that negative. So counselling helps as someone who does not experience that negative scenario or situation, can see a way for you to solve problems from a different higher conscious level.  




BOOK A CLAIRVOYANT- Start with a Image or Tarot reading to dive deep into your current situation. Pick a visual clairvoyant/tarot reading that resonates with you from the list of counsellors below.

COUNSELLING – In your live zoom counselling sessions, they will generalise about your traumatic experience and your life. And ask you a list of questions to determine specific’s to work on. Then within 72 hours they will send you either a email or talk video outlining what you don`t see and what needs to be worked on and transmuted from the counselling session combined with the information from your image/tarot reading.

VITAL RESOURCES – You will receive additional resources for free, inclusive of your counselling. Alternatively you will be advised of which additional programs that are required to purchase to help you with your self healing and to continue with after counselling just in case any triggers of your previous events or negative situations arise in the future


One on One Face to Face Discord/Skype Meeting With Sophia

Talk about your twin flame, soulmate or same sex relationship

Talk about insecurities and concerns about “Coming Out”

Talk to and map out your business ideas and where you want to take it

Bring your biggest obstacles about your life and business and this counselling team will help you CRUSH them



Ask & discuss anything

Cold hard truth about what has to change and must change to reach new levels

Advice about your business, personal life or finances.





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