This community is here to help you be your true sovereign self. To become this takes Mastery. Many focus on the outside 3D world although contradictory knowing that we live our lives as within then so without.

Most spiritual leaders focus on only one element of being. Yoga, meditation, reiki, spiritual awareness, spiritual guides/psychics ect, which is great but only a part of being. All these spiritual practices are a manipulation of air but no one knows, learns or speaks about the actuality of air. Air is Energy. Energy in emotions *e-motions*. So it is not just about alignment of air through breathing but knowing about the air you breath. Unless you have dealt with any dark emotions from past pain, then you still carry that darkness within to date. If you carry darkness within, all spiritual work will only be temporary. Do you bunny hop from spiritual practices or leaders? This is why.





ENERGY – Transmuting of Past Pain

HEALTH – You Are What You Eat

CELESTRIAL BEING – You Have A Gift, So Use IT! Learn About Your True Galactic Self

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & LIFE – The Eye of Providence

MY MISSION – Is to create equilibrium between the left & right hemispheres of the brain which is programmed more so of the left brain. The left brain is about structures, which in of itself is ok as we are here to create. But it must be balanced with the right brain which is “spirituality.” My dedication & vision is to create natural & ethical balance with business/structures (left brain) & oneness/oneself /spirituality (right brain). This creates far better alignments, harmony & abundance of “your” life. If these hemispheres are not aligned as equal, then imbalance in your life from the program is what you create.

ONE LOVE – Most people are prejudices but we are all one energy.

Energy is not separate and can never be separated. So to create a division with race, cultures, beliefs, traditions, religions, hierarchy, age, health, sex is nonsensical. But still most follow labels of LGBTQ genders or non gender.

Even spirituality is divided into enlightened ones, chosen ones, religions ect but this still is a separation created by defining as a label. Drop the label of being something and just be a human being. There is no such thing as race. We are all simply here to experience this planet as a Human Race.

We all exist as equals on this planet to follow the energetic frequency of love. Our avatar bodies are simply for us to experience this reality, nothing more.

The Eye of Providence – THE ALL SEEING EYE


Providence means – the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power. The eye – The All Seeing Eye means inner knowing, inner wisdom, insight.

Annuit Coeptis  -“favors (or “has favored”)

Novus Ordo Seclorum – a new order of the ages

Put together this means to gain the full experience of life you will need balance of mind, body and spirit plus incorporating all alchemical elements, (the tree of life/kabbalah) which represents Earth – The planet you live. Air, correct thinking. Water, to emotionally align with heart and Wands, wisdom with action. You then receive spiritual power.

To live on this earth the “favor” is money which is this new world order. All though this is partially correct as you could survive on this planet of mother nature, but in this modern world, it is to find the balance to the modern society to then be able to preach to the masses about this esoteric teaching.

I am here to teach about all four quadrants of life. Most simply state mind, body & spirit. But we are here on this planet to experience. To experience life! That fourth quadrant is important as most are programmed and controlled and simply follow rules, regulations, programs, beliefs, traditions and conditions which are not of their own which is the opposite of living.

The 1st & 2nd quadrants represent the cosmic / as above. And the lower 3rd & 4th quadrants represents the lower plane, planet earth / as below.

The cycle of life represents the fools journey. Starting at zero point as a fool (not knowing anything when you are born) but born a free sovereign being to experience this journey called life.

MIND = Wisdom. What we DO With What We Know

BODY = Health & Fitness

SPIRIT = Source / God / Jah / All That Is

LIFE = To Experienced & Follow YOUR Love In This World. *not someone else’s love*


Sophia Has The Gift To See Energy/Consciousness “In Other Words” She Is A Visual Clairvoyant Of Which She Uses Her Gift To Read Your Subconscious, Then Teach You How To Build Your Self-Worth, Self-Esteem & Net Worth, So That You Can Be Abundant In *ALL* Aspects Of Your Life.



“Our Twinflame/Our Person is not supposed to make our lives easier. You have to care about people and about this world. That`s not easy to deal with sometimes but what we do is never about the easy way out. That`s what separates us from everyone else!” – Sophia

Sophia is a *MASSIVE* advocate for human rights and equality




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