Allow Sophia to dive deep into your subconscious & help you address & transmute those inner blocks which you may have forgotten or simply suppressed/ignored but still lay dormant within you. Removing those negative blocks are vital, as within, so with out. This is why you have negative situations, circumstances, people & events shows up in your external world. (click here) for more info on Sophia`s Image Reading


TWINFLAME OR STARSEED PROGRAM. These programs dives even deeper into your subconscious and help you remember why you are here on this planet & the work you contracted to do for the better good of humaity. The Twinflame/Starseed Programs is also the starting process of releasing the blocks.

(next program to follow) MASTER PROGRAM. This program dives into your upbringing and what beliefs and patterns you are following from your upbringing. You can not heal what you have forgotten, don`t understand or think is a belief.

(a must have even if you have not experienced sexual abuse, someone you know or will know, has) SEXUAL MASTERY PROGRAM. Most light beings/twinflames suffer from sexual abuse as we have such a heightened connection with source, so the polarity is such a negative which is sexual abuse. This is so we align with the polarity of natural law on this plane. So the Sexual Mastery Program helps you to understand oneself and to release those negative thought patterns many keep hold of life after suffering abuse.

(this is why you are on this planet) MISSION. If you are reading this then you are a lightworker and ALL light workers are humanitarians which means you want to help heal this planet. I have created a Mission program for all like minded people to collaborate as a team. As to heal this world is a massive job and doing it solo was never the intension. For more info about mission (click here)

*all of the other programs are incorporated within these main programs above or available for free once you are in Mission*