“The problem I see with most spiritual leaders, spiritual teachers or people who sell “spiritual stuff” such as crystals, energy readings, tarot readings ect, is that they don’t know business. They think just because they have some kind of connection with source, is enough! ALL businesses including spiritual practices need to know business, not just the industry or profession of which they work in. I know plenty of spiritual teachers but unless they know how to attract & keep customers from marketing, advertising & the other rules to success, then they are simply speaking for free.” – Sophia Charles

This Is Valuable Because Sophia`s Will Teach You Her Unique Approach To Business/Humanitarianism.

HUMANITARIAN:   Sophia mission is to support you in creating your own legacy and making the kind of impact on the world that only you can, by exploding your existing business or helping you start your very own business. All Sophia`s programs are “spiritually guided” teachings that has helped many people clear deep rooted inner blocks which you can sell with your existing business or by themselves. Sophia`s Mission Program takes you out of the poverty mindset which keep most of humanity enslaved. As Gandhi said, “The worst kind of violence is poverty.”

BUSINESS:   Knowing not just how to start a business, but to keep & grow a business is crucial. Most spiritual people want to help others but to help others you need money. But if you don`t know business, you most likely don`t have enough to provide for yourself let alone help others.

Sophia is known for her commitment to providing valuable information as well as actionable steps. Sophia will help you with strategies, tools and tactics to streamline, innovate and maximize your full potential. Sophia will break down your Identity Barriers (beliefs, traditions, religions, dogma`s) and tell you insightful truths about what has to, and must change to reach new levels of success. Learn what you want, when you want 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or mobile device as most of Sophia`s training is pre recorded so you can watch & learn at your leisure. Whether you have a business already or a beginner, with Sophia`s two decades of knowledge from being an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and global-selling author, she will help you create and excel a business or explode your current business to new levels. “You Don’t Start A Business You Are A Business.”


Mission Helps You Create A Successful Business That Improves The Condition And Life Of Yourself, Children And Others

 One on One entrepreneurial, self help and relationship coaching with Sophia

 Frequent weekly update videos from Sophia emailed to all clients in Mission

 Weekly tarot readings for Mission people only

Access to Discord which hold a vast record of additional videos, courses & training materials for you to achieve personal, professional and financial goals.

 Advice from Sophia & others in Mission on how to get motivated about your life & business

 To be part of a team of like minded humanitarians

 Sophia will teach you how to be the best counsellor

 Sophia will teach you how to hone into becoming a master Image Reader

 Teach at the New Earth School

& much more

Here Are Only Some Of Sophia`s Programs That You Can Sell Once You Are In Mission –




Sophia has created a self help counselling program with all the tools, programs & advice to help you to help others. 



This is NOT a legal contract! You can stop at any time you choose






This Is Why You Are A Lightworker/Starseed *Please Watch*


Mission Helps You Create A Successful Business That Improves The Condition And Life Of Yourself, Children And Others


To Join Mission Is EASY

  • Book a in-depth Image / Tarot Reading + Start with 1 counselling Session = £171
  • Then continue counselling with Lorraine or Andrea (normally between 5-7 sessions)
  • After your initial counselling & Image/Tarot Reading, you will be placed on Missions email list so you know what is happening in the background of Mission & start to receive the weekly tarot readings from Sophia
  • Once Lorraine or Andrea thinks you are ready to start Mission, then Sophia will give you the programs, help you create your YouTube channel, read you and see if there is any additional help you may need plus much more…

To join Mission please contact Lorraine or Andrea

                                                   LORRAINE                                         ANDREA