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                                            SALE £90                                               Before You Invest In A Image Reading & A program BELOW    Then Why Not Check Out COUNSELLING. As You May SAVE £££ As I Throw In Programs With Counselling (to find out more about counselling, *click here*

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.   **(Sophia will read you & your persons image)**

currently a 7-14 days waiting list

From your image, Sophia will pull your energy into her reality then dive into & read your subconscious and pinpoint timelines and see deep inner core issues & insecurities that need to be addressed, balanced, healed or aligned so that you can live a more blissful life experience. Removing these negative situations brings more positive experience to your reality. 98% of humanity simply suppress negative so it does not get removed. This is exactly why most have negative situations as not knowing (as within / so without). The catch 22 is that most don’t know they constantly keep attracting negativity, but most know the law of attraction (like attracts like) therefore constantly keep attracting negative. Most are structured to suppress the bad and simply forget it, but forgetting is not removing. As the constant pile of negative builds, more situations get forgotten hence never dealt with hence more negative situations as the laws dictates (law of attraction). Sophia is here to help you remember and be your true sovereign FREE self, to manifest your desire. 25-45 minute recorded session.


You also will Sophia`s Powerpoint Folder with the Twin Flame or Soulmate/Lightworker EBook so that you can have a detailed understand of “all” relationships and what this experience on planet earth is here to teach you. PLUS… Additional Audios 1) How To communicate More Effectively With Your Twin Flame. 2)Defining All Relationships, Such As The Differences Between, 3D, 4D & 5D 3) Inner Child Alignment 4) Adult Alignment 5) Heart Chakra Meditation 6) Tips On How To Ease The Pull 7) The Totality OF Why You Are A Twin Flame/Your Purpose 8) The Work That Sophia Does To Get Into Union/Sophia`s Story PLUS TONS MORE…)

ALL Reading will be recorded on video, then a permanent link will be sent to you so that you can revisit as many times as you like.

Sophia`s needs no additional information from you apart from your image. If you don’t have a photo of your person then not to worry, your reading will still be jam packed!

(On average there is about a 2-3 weeks waiting list but the Twin Flame, Soulmate/Lightworker programs *included* takes longer to master, so work on that until your reading)