Have You Been Waiting Too Long To Get On Track?

Mission Bootcamp is here for people who want to give back in some form to others on this planet, but lack the self esteem to start. Whether you have a small business or have never started a business before. Or if you are not sure how to create and grow a YouTube channel, then Mission Bootcamp is for you. You have all the skills and tools within you, so a little push, guidance, information and support will definitely get you going. Why most people join Mission Bootcamp is due to lack of confidence. But confidence is easily overcome by knowledge. People generally know there business but lack knowing how to be successful in business. Knowing how to be successful in business creates confident therefore making you far more comfortable to then sell your ideas, products, services, tarot readings. Mission Bootcamp helps you understanding and build your platform, take accountability & understand the programs that you sell. Because lack of belief in yourself or product, is why most businesses fail. Mission Bootcamp is the first step to jump fully into Mission/your purpose in life!



Go from Mediocrity to Master & Handle Objections That Are Only Complaints

What is your intension?

Do you plan to have this business forever?

Do you plan to give your business to your children?

Do you plan to sell it?

Allow Quarn to help you to understand your strategy which is so important and so many business owners fail to do



Boot Camp is Three 1 hour weekly face to face discord sessions with Quarn

 –  Sat 8pm UK time 

ONLY £333

Week 1 – Introduction, discussing you business, creating your YouTube channel

Week 2 – Entrepreneurial training from Quarn with accompanying PDF & with additional learning materials so that you understand entrepreneurship in far more details. Also Beginners – Advanced teaching of tarot. Quarn will look at your channel and give expert tips and advice for improvements with your channel and tarot readings

Week 3 – Questions & Answers plus Access to Discord to meet all the other like minded individual’s in Mission accessing tons of entrepreneurial materials


To get into Mission there are FOUR must haves!

 You can start Mission straight away if you already have a YouTube Channel and have been constituently posting for at least eight weeks *minimum five days a week* If you don`t know how to set up a YouTube Channel or you are not very confidant about posting yet, then join Mission Bootcamp.

 You must have at least three counselling sessions with Dee. Most people on planet earth need counselling including yourself. A Master Teacher generally has to have counselling, as how can you teach what you have not experienced. (please note that if you have received other counselling you will still need counselling from Dee) You can complete Dee`s counselling before entering Mission, during Mission Bootcamp or when in Mission, but counselling must be completed before receiving the Money Program.

 You will need to purchase the three main programs and study them. You can not sell what you don`t know. Nor can you be a teacher if you have not worked on yourself with the programs. Programs to purchase are the Twin Flame or Starseed/Lightworker Program. The Master Program and The Sex Master Program(the kabbalah program comes free with the money program as well as a lot of the small programs comes free within the main programs)

 Lastly, you would need to have a Image Reading with Sophia.


Sophia Charles Mission


A plan is no good without ACTION!

Please contact Sophia if you have any questions about Bootcamp;  SOPHIA –