Image & Tarot Reading + 7 Day Inner Child Program


Course Features:
Three week course material for you to learn and guide you to a better self.
24/7 email support (give max 6 hours for replies)
3 x 1 hour counselling sessions

Welcome to the life coach 4 life three week interactive course. This course is designed to challenge you and your current mind set and change all of that because in no disrespect how you have been thinking has not got you to your goals so now it is time for change. It is very important that you are honest with me and your self to truly help you during these three weeks. Also to add and this is the most important part of these three weeks you must realise and understand that if you fall down have days where you are feeling at your lowest, you feel drained of your energy etc this is simply your subconscious fighting the change and I can assure you that we all including my self have those days and when we do it is important to put logic to our emotions and realise pain is temporary. So when having said days hours etc just take a step back if the change is getting to much do some exercise for short time make sure you eat well and plenty of water and start to think of those goals again and realise you just need to feel the pain for a short term for years of happiness in your future. Does not matter if you fall a thousand times just keep getting back up and learn from each fall to help you rise higher.

Week 1
Week one is introduction into self and helps me understand what your goals are for these three weeks and what you feel are the blocking factors to those goals.

Week 2
For this week it will be tough because we will look into those blocking factors more carefully. This weeks aim is to try clear your past (to add clearing your Past inhibitors is a long term gradual process for weeks to possibly years of counselling and hard work and each person will have varying levels of stress past history etc so are depending factors of time to heal your inner self) but none the less week two will look to identify your specific blocking factors and bring them to light and what we can do together to give you the tools to start living life the way you were meant to. We will also start to make a plan for your future and how you can work towards achieving your goals no matter how small or big. We will create small achievable steps to work towards those goals after all Rome was not built in a day. I also want to investigate in what makes you happy in terms of work hobbies etc. This week is vital in preparing you and even my self for the third week.

Week 3
Now comes the change in week 3 this is where we start to put to practice what we have learnt in week one and two and having me on bored for email support specially this week so I can check your moving into the right direction with union into your self. We will also work on techniques to de stress you when u feel your jumping back into the old ways. I feel this week will help you handle any situation that may arise and our coping and healing mechanisms will help you moving forward so will change you mind set and self belief will come back then you can do what ever you put your mind to.

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Clear blocks to union. See if any third parties such as (addictions/work/affair ect) with advice to move forward. Where he/she is on their journey, any health issues that arise, spiritual mission/life purpose advice, as well as what else pops up in the read. Most readings last on average 50-80 mins (Non Timed. I finish when I am done)

I will start with a image reading of you and your person to pin point any inner issues. From your image, I can see deep inner core issues & insecurities that need to be addressed, balanced, healed or aligned so that you can live a more blissful life experience. 

ALL Reading will be recorded on video, then I will send you a permanent link so you can revisit as many times as you like. The reading will be intense and jammed packed hence why I advise to revisit. I don`t require any information from you for a reading but if possible please send/attach a photo of you & your twin flame or just of yourself. If you don`t have a photo not to worry your reading will still be jam packed!

Once booked you will receive my Power Point Folder with my Twin Flame EBook so that you can have a detailed understand of “all” relationships and what this Twin Flame experience is to teach you. PLUS… Additional Audios 1) How To communicate More Effectively With Your Twin Flame. 2)Defining All Relationships, Such As The Differences Between, 3D, 4D & 5D 3) Inner Child Alignment 4) Adult Alignment 5) Heart Chakra Meditation 6) Tips On How To Ease The Pull 7) The Totality OF Why You Are A Twin Flame/Your Purpose 8) The Work I Do To Get Into Union/My Story PLUS TONS MORE…

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(VIDEO + ACCOMPANYING TRAINING PDF) This program will make you dig deep your into your subconscious and aid you to heal suppressed negative patterns by me asking several but not so obvious questions, but vital questions that are missed and ignored that you have not addressed about your inner self that constantly shows up for you in your outer world particularly through your Twin Flame Experience. This program works in conjunction with my full tarot package if you are struggling to access inner child wounds or just finding you are struggling with this Twin Flame journey.

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